First Steps in a VR World

Beginners guide to a becoming a VR Star in a whole new experience
Strap in, turn on and dare to play something that was once only possible in movies.

Beginners guide to a becoming a VR Star in a whole new experience

Strap in, turn on and dare to play something that was once only possible in movies. A revolution in technology and social interaction VR is our first true step into another world. Mapped to our movements this digital world is limited only by our imagination and creativity.

Getting your hands dirty

With your head somewhere out of this world the first lesson is how to interact with it. Most games work via scanners and wireless controllers so you can move freely in the eyes of the new digital world, Others like the machines available at VR Star are tied to mechanical tracking. These machines give you a physical connection to the world rather than digital, for example seating you inside a car complete with gyro and force feedback through the wheel, what better way to be fully immersed.

Walking through walls

Sadly, the real world doesn’t actually disappear, something to keep in the back of your mind. At present there are two ways around this, if you are lucky enough to live near and fancy a day out in bristol, the Cabot Circus VR Omni-treadmill experience is incredible, particularly for competitive shooters! In your more typical VR experience a controller button will walk or teleport you to available areas.

Master of your own destiny  

Choosing a VR experience can be like scrolling through Netflix these days, there is a vast array of diverse content. So how do you pick? Any good experience centre like VR Star, will have guides to help you choose something suited to you. If you are at home treat it in the same way, don’t go by reviews or peer pressure. Any good VR experience will attempt to immerse you, so if you’re not a horror fan stay clear of something more gripping than any movie you have avoided seeing!

Dressed to kill

Much like heading to the gym, VR can require a degree of appropriate dress. Pencil skirts or forty tog jumpers make for poor battle dress when rapid and prolonged movement is required. At home changing clothes isn’t a problem but if you have ventured out unprepared, many experiences like VR Stars cannons or racing simulators may be more forgiving.

Loosing yourself

As legendary pioneer Laurence Oates once said “I’m going for a walk, I may be some time”, he may not have intended to come back but you certainly should. When playing at home it is always recommended to have regular breaks just like using any other screen. This helps avoid eye strain and keeps your body adjusted to the natural world.


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