Formula 1 Official Esports

received_10155473398306413As Esports continue to grow we have made our first foray into the competitive field. Partnered with Codemasters and Gfinity the official F1 calendar opens its doors through the new F1 2017 game. With qualifying events running throughout September the race is on for sponsorship and acclaim.

One event down and the gauntlet is laid. Finishing in the top 500 feels like a respectable performance. With only the top forty places gaining official racing positions for the Abu Dhabi final there is a lot more mustard to cut. Next qualifier is Suzuka and a personal favourite so watch those leaderboard times tumble.

Some tips and tricks for any of you looking to join me on the track:

Limit your driving sessions and take a break when your performance drops off. There is nothing more demoralising than watching time slip by as your sense of failure grows.

Don’t get to experimental with your car setup until your standard options limit your performance.

Always look out for where your delta is negative and understand why to consistently improve.

Make sure your controller feedback and settings are giving you the best possible feel for your driving style.

Best of luck,

@H00HAMAN out.